Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wire Wrapped Geometric Earrings With Black, Blue And Purple Spirals

Since I have all of these differet colored wires, I decided to make something fun and funky with them. I played with the wire for a bit and came up with these colorful earrings in black, blue and purple.

What surprised me is that the colored wire has a much different texture than the silver or copper. The blue bends and twists pretty easily, but the black is pretty tough. I had to put a lot of force into it to get that little spiral. I guess the plating adds some weight to the wire, making it heavier to work with.

I'm tempted to buy some more colors, but I'm holding back. I already have these, plus all of that anodized aluminum. What I really need to do is make something that combines the metal and wire. Talk about being colorful!

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