Friday, May 11, 2012

Smells Like Teen Spirit: More Wire Wrapped Ring Designs

Though the Great Neck Street Fair wasn't as profitable as I'd hoped, one thing I did learn is that my wire wrapped coil rings are a bg draw with teens. I had so many young girls coming up to my booth to try on my rings. Unfortunately, they either felt my price was too high or my rings were too big. The good news is, I've had a really good sales week on Etsy so the universe worked itself out a bit. A young woman purchased five infinity rings from me for herself and her friends for their high school graduation. Meanwhile, last month, a woman had purchased one of my infinity rings for her daughter's sweet 16 while a collage age girl bought one of my other wire wrapped coil designs. So I'm definitely getting that younger market. Lesson learned -- make more of these rings and make sure that I have them in teeny tiny teen sizes when I sell at fairs. My next fair is next Saturday. I'll be selling my jewelry at the Lexington Craft Fair in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. This event benefits the Lexington School For The Deaf so there will definitely be a lot of teens around. The traffic probably won't be as high as it was at the other fair, but at last year's Lexington event, I had my best sale of the year. I think it was because people come there wanting to buy so that they can support the school and because there are fewer vendors. Hopefully, next Saturday will be another beautiful spring day and I'll sell yet more stuff. That said, I'm gearing up for the fair by making yet more coil rings. I'm going to make more infinity rings in sizes five and six, but am also trying to make more interesting designs. Lately, I've been adding some gems to my rings:
I think the one with the Swarovski crystal heart will appeal to teen girls so I'm going to make a bunch of those in smallish sizes. I don't mind the work, though, because these wire wrapped coil rings are fun to make! To purchase my jewelry, head to Naomi's Designs. To read about my travel adventurs, head to Naomi The Traveler.

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