Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Asymmetrical Silver Necklace With Swarovski Crystal Pearls

I'm not sure what the inspiration was behind this crazy-looking piece. I kind of wanted to do something off-kilter and a little wacky. I'd just gotten a shipment of Swarovski crystal pearls and wanted to use them in an unusual way, not just strung along a necklace.

I began making spirals, not sure where they would head and eventually came up with this funky-looking necklace. Instead of putting the pendant in the center, I attached a bunch of smaller spirals and then wove the little pearls through them. I think it looks like a solar system with a bunch of planets and moons in orbit. It's very space age.

At a recent craft fair, people weren't sure what to make of it, but I like it. I think it's cool. Maybe it's not the most functional piece, but it's my attempt of using jewelry to make some modern art.

What do you think it looks like?

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Craft Fair Etiquette

This past weekend, I sold my goods at the Farmingdale Street Fair. There was a large crowd, but it was hot as hell and we stupidly didn't bring a tent. Still, I made a few sales and many complimented my work. That's always nice to hear, even if those people didn't buy anything.

Unfortunately, I encountered many rude and annoying people during this particular fair. There was the one woman who broke a bracelet after trying to put it on without unclasping it first. Don't do that! Ask the vendor for help if you're not sure how to wear a piece. I should've charged her, but decided ton not make a scene. Luckily, I had my tools on hand so I could fix it.

Another woman tried on a necklace that had an obvious pendant, then placed it back on the display upside-down. Again, ask for help or take the time to think. It's jewelry, not rocket science.

I'm sorry if I sound so crabby because I really do appreciate every sale I make. But you have to understand that it takes hours for me to construct these pieces. I don't just assemble ready-made parts; I try to make everything from the chain to the jumprings to the clasp.

Next time you attend a craft fair, be mindful of the vendor and think about how much work went into their merchandise. Please make sure that you treat them -- and their goods -- with respect.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wire Wrapped Stone: Pink Marble With Swarovski Pearls

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was play with my dad's rock collection. He was a science teacher for a while and had a wonderful geology set with pieces of quartz, agate and other beautiful stones and rocks. I loved going through them and admiring the colors and textures.

These days, my 4-year-old niece is the one who is into rocks! She already has a geology set and loves the gems and minerals exhibit and the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

I don't have a geology set anymore, but I still appreciate the beauty of a stone. When I saw this pink marble, I fell for the color and slightly rough texture. I liked how when you look closely at it, you can see darker pinks, peaches and whites.

I decided to turn it into a pendant, but didn't want to hide the natural beauty so I did a very simple wire wrap on it. The two Swarovski crystal pearls dress it up enough so that it can be worn with a fancy or casual outfit.

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Silver Bridal Teardrop Necklace With Swarovski Crystals

I love weddings and have been fortunate enough to have had several this year. It's funny because I'm 37 and most of our friends are married so I wasn't expecting to have so many at once. But it seems like all of our remaining single friends decided to wed at the same time. I'm all for parties and happy occasions so I've had fun celebrating with them.

A big part of weddings, of course, is the bride's jewelry. Attending so many nuptials inspired me to create a wedding series, which I based somewhat on my friends' gowns. The trick with wedding jewelry is that you want it to be gorgeous, but it shouldn't overshadow the dress. It should enhance the gown and fit the style.

I designed this teardop necklace to be worn with either a strapless gown or one with a sweetheart neckline. It hangs above the cleavage line so it's the perfect fit for that type of dress. The design is very simple, but ends up creating a complex line that looks almost like waves or feathers on a peacock.

To make this necklace, I sculpted each teardrop, beginning with the crystal. First, I wire wrapped the Swarovski crystal, then shaped the silver into the teardrop. I added a pendant with three crystals in the center and finished off the chain with larger Swarovski crystals.

The look is classic and elegant -- but a little funky, too! Plus, it's affordable. Perfect for any bride who wants to look her best, but not blow a fortune on wedding bling.

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