Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gold abstract pendant wire wrapped with Swarovski crystals

Most of the pieces shown on this blog are ones that I'm proud of, things that I'd wear myself. But for every attractive piece of jewelry I make, I design something hideous. This gold wire wrapped pendant falls into that category, in my opinion:
I think the problem is that there's just too much gold, too many crystals ... too much, in general. There's that old adage about wearing accessories and you should always remove on thing. The same goes for designing jewelry. There does come a point when you can add too many beads or crystals, or other elements. Decide which element of the piece is the main focus and then let it shine without obscuring it. I think if I had just left this as a simple gold pendant, it would've been a nice piece. Then again, a few friends have liked it. One called it a Jershey Shore necklace. Um... I guess? Hey, each to their own. But if Snooki wants to buy it, by all means, I won't stop her! To purchase my jewelry, head to Naomi's Designs. To read about my travel adventures, head to Naomi The Traveler.

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