Monday, January 20, 2014

Yet more silver wire wrapped earring designs with Swarovski crystals

I have a repeat customer who really likes earrings, especially ones that are adorned with beads and crystals. While she likes many of my original plain silver wire wrapped earring designs, she's requested that I add Swarovski crystals to them; she also likes unusual color combinations. I've had a good time working with her as I come up with some new ideas for my classic pieces:

I really like how the triangle earrings came out. When she suggested that I combine reds with a pink, I feared that the colors would clash, but they actually look pretty nice together -- perfect for Valentine's Day. I also like the green, black, purple combo, which is also an unexpected blending of colors.

Finding the perfect blue/purple combo has been more difficult. The problem with these colors is that they blend a little TOO well, especially when photographed. If you look closely, you'll see that the spiral zig zag earrings really do have different variations of blue/purple. I like the light blue/purple/turquoise best, but I think she prefers the one with the clear crystal in the center. I kind of like seeing all of the earring combos together; it reminds me a bit of when you go to the housewares store and pick up paint samples.

I'm always up for experimenting with colors and custom designs. It's exciting to have a customer who inspires my creativity!

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