Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Funky Wire Wrapped Earring Designs!

Happy New Year! Hope your 2014 is full of love and joy!

While I come up with plenty of designs on my own for Naomi's Designs and MayaGirl Creations, many times it will be the customers who give me ideas. I've been receiving more and more custom orders, mostly where the requests involve using a different wire or colored bead in my designs. Still, a different colored metal or bead can completely transform the look of a piece -- and I'm grateful to these customers for helping me to expand my merchandise.

I recently had a big order from a self-described "earring fanatic." She gravitated toward my abstract wire wrapped earrings with spirals, but asked to see them in many different shades and with different colored Swarovski crystals. In the end, I created nine new earrings for her -- plus a bracelet! Here is my latest gallery:

Out of these new earrings, my favorites are the mixed metal diamonds with the silver beads and the gold spirals and squiggles with the red crystals. It's funny because I've been selling the silver squiggles and spirals for years and though the earrings have gotten many views, no one has actually purchased a pair -- online or in person. This woman asked if I could add beads and then make the same pair in a few different colors. I did and really like how they turned out. Plus, I not only sold some to her, but ended up selling another pair of the gold ones the next day.

The diamond mixed metal earrings came from this woman asking if I could make something abstract that used gold-colored and silver wire (the gold-colored wire is bronze, by the way). I played around with a design based on other earrings of mine that she liked and came up with this funky pattern. She likes that they're so "out there" and unique.

I love working for myself and having so much creative freedom, but it's also fun to work with another person once in a while. I'm always open to trying new ideas and techniques and am honored when a customer chooses me to turn their jewelry vision into a reality.