Monday, September 10, 2012

Feast Or Famine

First, the bad news: my quest to get my jewelry sold in a store isn't going so well ... yet. I've gotten several nice e-mails from shop owners in which they tell me how much they like my work, but they're all saying the same thing; that they're not accepting new lines now because sales have been low. That's sad and scary for our economy, and I hope for their sakes that sales pick up for the holiday season. It also sucks for me!

Still, I like to be an optimist and am continuing to send my catalogue to stores around the world. I have faith that if I send enough e-mails, *someone* will respond and snap up my jewellery. Or that the economy will bounce back a bit and people will start buying more goods.

The good news is that the rest of my business is picking up. I made some good sales last week and have my first craft fair of the season this Saturday. This morning, I ran into the woman who's running the Autism Speaks charity event later in the month and she said that she's excited to have me working with her. So I have plenty to look forward to!

I've been debating whether I should make more pieces for this Saturday's event, but have decided that I'm just going to try to sell what I have on hand. I mean, I have a few hundred pieces and the event is in someone's home; it's not going to be *that* big of an audience. But if I make a few hundred for the day -- and have the means to give a big chunk back to the charity (Saturday's is for ALS), then I will be very pleased.

I'm anxious to see how much people like my enamel items. So far, I haven't sold any online, but I have a gut feeling that they'll be a big hit at fairs. It's funny how that works out. Online, I've sold many rings (especially infinity rings), chandelier earrings and abstract gold necklaces, but my "arty" work seems to sell better in person. At my last fair, I sold many of my weirder looking earrings and necklaces. I'm not sure why this is; I guess that when people buy things online, they're going to go for things that they can depend on -- pieces with clean lines and familiar shapes and colors. When they can see pieces in person, however, they can try on a necklace or bracelet and see if something with an unusual design or color combo looks good. This is my theory, anyway!

I've found that people are also fascinated about the process in which I make my enamel work. There's just something very badass about firing up a piece in a flaming hot kiln. Friends are always impressed!

I know that I've been slacking off a bit in adding new pieces to Etsy and to this blog, but don't worry, they're coming! I've been working on a series of silver art rings, so keep an eye out for my latest series.

To purchase my jewelry, head to Naomi's Designs. To purchase my children's jewellery, head to MayaGirl Creations.

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