Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wire wrapped jewelry designs: pretty in pink

I've never been a "pink girl." I have nothing against the color, but I don't have a lot of pink clothing in my wardrobe, nor have I ever decorated with a lot of pink. Still, there's something very feminine and sweet about the color and I like to incorporate pink in my jewelry. A little pink heart or a touch of pink gives an accent, which just makes a piece seem a bit more ... delicate.

Since I've been working all week on this line for girls, I've, of course, used a lot of pink in my pieces! I have pale pink and hot pink wire, which is great to use when you're trying to make colorful girly jewelry. Here are some of the pieces I've come up with:

I tried to make a lot of fun shapes that girl would like, like hearts. Still, I think that you can tell that these are "Naomi Originals." But there's something about the pink that make me feel happy. Hopefully, others will feel the same way!

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