Sunday, September 16, 2012

Special Jewelry Fundraiser!

Yesterday I sold my jewelry at a fundraiser for the ALS Association. Several of my friends are doing a walk in honor of our friend who was diagnosd with this progressive and debilitating condition. Most people who are diagnosed with ALS live for, maybe, five years, though Stephen Hawking has somehow beaten the odds. This friend, whom I'd prefer to not metion by name out of respect for his privacy, is also absolutely amazing. He also suffers from diabetes-related neuropathy so he can't feel his body from the waist down. Yet he walks several miles a day and recently completed a dualathlon. He writes, cooks, goes to the gym every day and never complains about his condition. He just pushes on and is one of the most determied people I've ever met.

Not as many people attended the fundraiser as we'd hoped, but I still did pretty well with my jewelry with the small crowd that was there. I was pleased because I sold several of my enamel and precious metal clay pieces. I even sold My Damn Butterfly! As I've said before, I've found that different types of pieces sell in different environments. When people purchase online, people tend to gravitate toward items that they feel they're familiar with, like infinity rings. At craft fairs, people look for "unique" items.

I really didn't care what people purchased, though, because the real idea was to raise money for the cause. I donated 25 percent of my earnings, so I helped the cause and well, myself. Plus, I got to spend the afternoon with friends and eat some good food. I also purchased items from the other vendors so that I could help them out (and they purchased from me). The host was disappointed with the low turnout, but I think the event was a success.

Still, I'm trying to raise yet more money for the walk, which is on September 29. So until that date, I am having a special jewellery sale for my blog readers and Facebook friends. Actually "sale" is probably the wrong word; it's more of a fundraiser. If you buy an item of jewelry from me on Etsy, the site gives you the chance to send me a message. If you message me, "ALS Association," I will donate $5 off of that purchase to the cause. I truly believe that we can find a cure, or at least find a way to make ALS a manageable condition.

To purchase my jewellery, head to Naomi's Designs. To purchase my children's jewelry, head to MayaGirl Creations. And remember to send me a message on Etsy that this is for the ALS Association so that I know to donate a portion from that piece. Thank you in advance.

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