Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To The Grind!

My vacation in Florida was wonderful, but I'm home now and have a lot to do! I know that for many -- my teacher friends in particular -- September isn't the happiest of times, but I've always liked this month. As a kid, going back to school was exciting for me, a time for a new beginning. And as an adult, it marks the start of my favorite season, fall.

In New York City, you can physically feel the start of this change -- not just in the cooler weather, but in the city's energy. Summer is hot, lazy and slow, but September crackles with electricity.

I'm feeling that electricity this morning as I try to leave my little vacation behind and get going with my work. Today's agenda involves making more items for MayaGirl Creations. The Autism Speaks charity fair is in three weeks and I need to make more items for the event. So I'm planning to make some rings and earrings today with my colorful wire. I want to have a nice variety so that my table will look full and inviting.

Meanwhile, my dad finished my jewelry catalogue! It looks great! He's a skilled photographer and graphic artist so he was able to take my so-so photos and actually make them look decent. I also love the font that he chose, which is very New York magazine in appearance. I can't wait to send my line sheets to stores and see if anyone is willing to buy from me.

So I'm off to do some work and have a productive day. It's raining here, which means there is even more reason for me to stay inside and keep busy. Happy fall, everyone.

To purchase my jewellery, head to Naomi's Designs. To purchase my children's jewelry, head to MayaGirl Creations.

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