Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silver wire wrapped rings with Swarovski crystals

I haven't made that many things in the last couple of weeks (that's the beauty of taking classes; they guarantee that you will make new products!), but am now starting a new fall collection of silver wire wrapped rings with Swarovski crystals. These rings are very similar to my copper art rings with crystals, only I'm using 20 gauge silver plated wire.

For the ring pictured on top, I used blue, black and turquoise Swarovski crystals. I twisted the wire into a spiral-like design and it ended up looking like a vortex. I think it's cool how it's almost three-dimensional and has a lot of texture to the design.

When making the ring with the amethyst crystals, I was inspired a little by this summer's Olympic games. It's modeled a bit after the crown that is placed on the heads of winning athletes, only for this, the "crown" is made of purple stones. What I like about this ring is that the design goes almost all the way around the ring, so its appearance changes slightly if you turn the ring.

I have plenty of other ideas for silver art rings, so more will be on the way! Meantime, I'm enjoying the cooler fall weather, which makes it so much more pleasant to work.

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