Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More abstract enamel and cloisonne pendants

Last night's enameling class turned out to be a really productive one! I managed to complete 2 1/2 pendants, with very few mishaps.

Once again, only three students showed up. I'm not sure why people would skip out on a class that cost a bit of money, but I liked the quiet, as well as not having to wait for equipment. All of us, including our teacher, just sat there working on our projects without interruption. This teacher, who is very young, acts more like a guide than a teacher; if you have a question, she'll answer it, but other than that, she pretty much stays out of the way. I like that, too. Some teachers can hover a bit and correct every move you make -- and while I appreciate learning the proper way to do something -- that can get annoying when it's done in excess. One teacher I've had is really sweet but whenever you ask for help, she ends up actually doing that step for you. I like being able to try things and make mistakes along the way.

Of course, my inability to deal with anything relating to metalsmithing has come up in this class. I just can't make the strikers (the things you use to spark a fire when using the torch) to work. No one else is having problems, but I strike and strike ... and nothing. I did not have this issue in any other class. I had a lot of other issues, but not this. My teacher has tried showing me alterative angles to strike it, and I just can't get it. I always have to be helped. I think it might be because I have some circulation problems, or maybe I'm just that much of a wimp. There is one square striker that was working for me, but now it's broken. I'm thinking of buying my own because newer ones seem to work better, but I have only three more classes left. It's just annoying!

Anyway, here are the two completed pieces I made. The abstract square pendant was inspired by Mondrian. I love the bold colors and pop art feel. The second is just simple blue and light blue stripes, but it reminds me of the jewellery I sa in Greece.

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