Monday, July 16, 2012

My Tophatter Experience: Tophatter Review

Last night, my necklace was in one of Tophatter's boutique auctions. So far, I'm not very impressed with the site.

My piece wasn't sold, which is a bummer, but that's not what bothers me. It happens. I've had pieces that have sat on Etsy for months and then finally get sold when I'm not even promoting them. That's why I list so many different things; because tastes vary.

Anyway, what I didn't like is that my piece was shown for maybe a minute, if even that, and then that was it; no one bid and it was marked "unsold." I couldn't believe it. I figured that once a piece was shown, it would go into some sort of gallery for the duration of the auction so that bidders would really have a chance to look over your work and read the description. I didn't think that they'd get merely seconds to decide if they want your piece.

That said, I dislike the fact that new members can only auction one piece at a time... and that the auctions are generally days away. This means I have to wait about a week to *maybe* sell something. That's frustrating! You do get to list more pieces as you sell more, but they make it very difficult to sell in the first place. And then they take a whopping 10 percent of your profits. Yikes.

Etsy has a few flaws, but I find it to be a generally seller friendly site. You can list as many pieces as you want at a time and they make it very easy to promote your work on other sites like Pinterest. I feel like they work with me and that I'm not trying to beat out some weird system.

I am going to try another Tophatter auction because I don't like to give up right away. But so far, Etsy is winning out by a mile!

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