Monday, July 16, 2012

Wire wrapped rainbow jewelry designs

Looking through my jewelry collection, it hit me that I've made a lot of rainbow inspired pieces. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by this as I've always loved rainbows. I always check for rainbows after a storm and often dream about them. In one dream, millions of rainbows filled the sky until the sky was nothing but colors. I was told that this symbolized good luck. I hope this is the case!

When I was 17, I traveled cross country with my parents over the summer. One evening in Colorado, my mom dragged me out of the shower, my hair still full of suds. I was angry until she took me out to our hotel room terrace, where we spied a gigantic full double rainbow looming over the mountains. It was amazing!

Another great rainbow that I saw was when my husband and I were in Iceland and visited Gullfoss Waterfall, which are beautiful double falls. It was February and the falls were frozen, but a semi-permanent rainbow stretched across the sky.

I guess these images have stayed with me because the rainbow often turns up in my jewelry. Here are a few of my rainbow pieces:

Wire wrapped rainbow charm bracelet:

Wire wrapped rainbow infinity ring with Swarovski crystals:

Rainbow daisy bracelet:

Rainbow wire wrapped filigree bracelet:

Wire wrapped rainbow heart earrings:

Anodized aluminum bracelet:

Enamel pendant with rainbow accent:

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