Friday, July 27, 2012

Wire wrapped jewellery gallery: spiral jewelry

One of the first shapes I taught myself how to make when learning how to make jewelry was a spiral. When making wire wrapped jewelry patterns, the spiral is essential. It not only looks really cool, but serves a purpose because a) spirals are strong and hold jewelry together well and b) helps you close off the end of the wire in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can do so much with a spiral, from making simple wire wrapped spiral earrings to elaborate spiral designs. When it comes to this one shape, I'm never at a loss for ideas! Here are some of my favorite wire wrapped spiral jewelry pieces:

Hot pink wire wrapped daisy flower earrings:

Silver wire wrapped spiral necklace:

Blue wire wrapped spiral ring:

Silver abstract asymmetrical wire wrapped spiral necklace:

Wire wrapped rainbow spiral bracelet:

Copper wire wrapped Middle Eastern style necklace with spiral fringe:

Simple spiral earrings:

Silver spiral Native American style ring:

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