Monday, April 16, 2012

Silver wire wrapped black stone with Swarovski crystal pearls

Here's another piece from my wire wrapped pendant collection. This time, I used a piece of teardrop-shaped black marble, which I adorned with two beige Swarovski crystal pearls. The wire used in the wire wrap is 20 gauge silver plated nickel.

The challenge in wire wrapping a stone or cabochon is that you don't want the wrap to be random; it should accentuate the stone's beauty and not obscure it. Since this piece of marble had an odd shape, I tried to play off of that and created some loops in the wrap where the stone dips and curves. I like to add little gems or beads or pearls to my wraps because it gives them an extra pop of color and texture. When wearing jewelry, I like to have that little extra sparkle.

I've been experimenting with different types of stones. I'd love to find some more natural looking pieces. Pretty soon I'll post a gallery of my wire wrapped stones, but for now, here is the piece in question:

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