Monday, April 23, 2012

Bold oversize geometric ring wire wrapped with silver band

My love affair with anodized aluminum continues! This time, I used this really cool material to make a funky, abstract ring. It's a little like a mini-sculpture, very pop art-y.

I used the same techniques that I employed to make my other anodized aluminum items: I sawed out the yellow, blue and magenta pink pieces, them drilled, filed and attached them using 28 gauge silver wire. But this time, I really had to think about what kind of shapes would be comfortable on one's finger. I didn't want any edges to be too wide and too jagged because the last thing a person would want is to wear an uncomfortable ring that pokes into her hand.

When I tried on the ring itself, I found it to be very lightweight and it didn't jab into me at all. Whew! It's a fun piece, definitely meant to be noticed. But that's WHY we wear jewelry, right? What's the point of owning a little piece of art if people won't see it? That's at least how I feel; that art of any form is meant to be shared.

Here are some views of the ring:

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