Monday, April 23, 2012

Bold oversize anodized aluminum abstract star ring wire wrapped with silver band

By now you're probably sick of reading about anodized aluminum pieces, but here's one more for tonight: my deconstructed star ring. Usually stars have six points and this one has about eight, but that's the fun of creating abstract art; you can show common things from a slightly different perspective.

I think I like making colorful jewelry because it makes me feel happy. It reminds me of rainbows, party balloons, confetti... all which relate to celebrations. Yeah, that's probably a little cheesy, but it's true. And I figure that if my pieces make me feel good then they're hopefully making others happy, as well.

What's funny is that I'm not a loud dresser in my life. I'm actually pretty conservative and tend to wear subdued colors (blues and greens and pinks) and subtle prints and patterns. That goes for my jewelry, too, as I usually don't wear a lot of statement pieces.

But when it comes to making jewelry, I like to go a little crazy and experiment with patterns and shapes and colors. Maybe this is another side of me that's coming out? Maybe this is why I enjoy making jewelry so much; because I get to be creative and let that wilder part of me come loose.

Anyway, here are shot of my abstract star ring:

To purchase my jewelry, head to Naomi's Designs on Etsy.

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