Friday, September 19, 2014

Silver wire wrapped pink marble stone with spiral designs and Swarovski crystal pearls

Tonight, a group of us are celebrating my friend's birthday. She and I have known each other for years but have only recently grown close -- and she's someone whom I really admire. She's a mom of three, runs her own daycare business and is a talented writer. She and I, plus another woman meet up about once a month to read and critique each other's essays, writing clips, etc. This has given us an opportunity to learn more about each other and to become better friends.

She also has great style! She's one of those people who always looks put together, even when she's dressed very casually. Of course, she wears eye-catching jewelry. She's one of my few friends who doesn't have pierced ears, but she almost always wears a pair of cool clip-ons and a funky necklace. I'm constantly asking her about her jewelry and where she got it. She enjoys shopping at craft fairs so many of her pieces are handmade and different from what you see in a department store.

She wanted to do something creative for her birthday so we've signed up for a class at Paint Along New York. For each class a particular painting is chosen and students have to copy the artwork to the best of their abilities. The idea is to experience the different ways in which everyone interprets the piece. I haven't done that much painting, but I'm curious to see how my enameling experience will come in handy. I'll let you know!

Since my friend is having this artsy party, I felt it was appropriate to give her an "artsy" gift -- and I made her a bracelet and one of my wire wrapped stone pendants. I wanted to make something that looks old-fashioned and traditional but has a modern twist, and is unique enough to suit her bold personality. I found the perfect oval pink marble stone as my base and came up with this:

I twisted the 20 gauge silver-plated wire into a series of spirals and swirls and adorned the design with a couple of beige Swarovski crystal pearls. I originally looped the wire back around and had more spirals up top, but felt as if that were overdoing the design -- and so I ended up going with the more simple and traditional look.

I really hope she likes it! I'm a bit nervous to give it to her because she has such particular taste in jewelry, but I think she'll at least appreciate the work that went into it. And now I'm off to paint!

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