Monday, June 24, 2013

Silver wire wrapped double amethyst earrings with spiral design

I was so inspired by that customer who sent me a photo of my amethyst earrings matching the necklace that her late husband gave her that I decided to make a different type of wire wrapped amethyst piece. These earrings use smaller amethyst chunks and have a much more intricate series of spirals:

For each earring, I used two pieces of amethyst. Though these are faceted gemstones, they still have a very "raw," organic look in the way they're cut. They're also a very striking shade of purple. I know that most people associate amethyst with purple, but this stone can actually take on a pinkish or even green hue. But for this particular creation, I wanted a deep purple, which is what I got.

Doing a wire wrapped pattern on an odd-shape stone can be a challenge, but my wraps came out pretty even. I think you have enough of the wrap for the design to take center stage, but it doesn't completely cover the amethyst. The elements work well together, which is how jewelry should be. I need to try this with a different type of stone -- maybe quartz? What do you think?

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