Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silver and gold mixed metal mesh bracelet

I've written many times about using the lattice pattern in my jewerly designs. This bracelet was the perfect way for me to feature it.

I'd ordered gunmetal wire online and wasn't sure what to do with it. Honestly, I just liked the name. I mean, "gunmetal" -- what's not cool about that? Turns out, gunmetal is a very pretty brownish color and looks great with gold and silver. When I saw all three together, I was inspired to do something that incorporated this trio of warm, metallic colors. It's a little like my own "Naomi Olympics," with gold, silver and bronze!

Anyway, I wove nine-loop lattice links with each color and then alternated them to create the bracelet. What's really cool is that when it was all put together, it ended up looking like one continuous band of lace. It reminded me a little of tiles or perhaps, squares in a quilt.

I have some other mixed metal designs in mind. When making jewelry, don't be afraid to play with colors because you never know what combination will work.

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