Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Silver and brass braided bangle bracelets

It's less than two weeks until my first craft fair and I can't wait! Slowly, everything is coming together. I ordered a professionally made sign, as well as some cool-looking display items. I think my jewelry is pretty; hopefully, others will, too, and will actually buy my items.

One of the items I'll be selling are these twin bangle bracelets. I'm always trying to learn new techniques and practiced braiding wire. I haven't braided anything in ages; in fact, I think the last braid I made was in my Barbie's hair back when I was a kid. Plus, wire isn't really soft like hair. Still, the braiding came back to me and I successfully made these silver and brass bracelets. Each is very thin and delicate on its own, so I think they work better as a pair. You can even wear two brass or two silver, or multiples of each, but I like the silver/brass combo.

Though the show is coming up soon, I haven't made a lot of new items. I have over 100 pieces, though, a nice inventory. I just wish it would be time for my grand opening already....

To purchase my jewelry, head to Naomi's Designs or Naomi's Studio.

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