Friday, February 18, 2011

Sterling silver necklace with yellow crystals

I've never been gung ho about diamonds; in fact, my engagement ring has an emerald in it. However, I really like the look of yellow diamonds, especially when they're paired with silver. Silver and yellow don't seem like two colors that would go well together, but they really do.

Obviously, yellow diamonds cost a fortune, so I went for the next best thing: yellow crystals. I then brainstormed some ways that I could highlight them in a piece of jewelry.

I ended up creating this necklace with 16 gauge silver wire and yellow crystals. I wanted to do something unusual so I created this abstract squarish design. Since the crystals are round, I like the way they look against the sharp angles of the wire. I then added a long centerpiece onto the necklace, which is simply a string of the yellow crystals. It gives the necklace some depth and balance.

To me, yellow is a "happy" color, representing sunshine, daisies, warmth. I hope that this necklace radiates all of these good feelings.

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