Monday, January 23, 2017

Handmade wire wrapped triple tier earrings with briolettes

I've written before about the woman who's become a regular customer and sent me bags of beautiful briolettes. She's always coming up with interesting design ideas and suggested that I use her briolettes in my wire wrapped triple tier earrings:

I've been making these triple tiers with Swarovski crystal hearts, but they work with briolettes, too. Honestly, I hadn't used many briolettes in my pieces until she came along, but the teardrop shape of these stones is so classic and elegant. I can see why she likes them so much.

Some briolettes were too heavy to use in the triple pattern, so she requested that I make very simple dangling earrings. I've made several variations of these for her, but the clear crystals are my favorite:

Thanks to this customer, I've gotten much better at wire wrapping stones. I use 26 gauge wire, which is super thin, but very sturdy. A single strand isn't that strong, but an entire bundle of the wire is tough. I wrapped each briolette about halfway down so there is enough wire to hold it in place, but not so much that it covers the color.

Since I've been doing so many fused glass projects, my designs have become more complex, but it's nice to sometimes go back to jewelry that's simple and pretty.

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