Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wire wrapped jewellery designs: silver wire wrapped filigree necklace with blue crystals

For the past few years, I've made most of my wire wrapped pendants from only one piece of wire. Lately, I've been experimenting with more complex designs. I love filigree -- the swirling, spiraling patterns -- and wanted to make a filigree pendant.

I've never made a filigree piece using solder, but from what I understand, you don't don't solder each piece individually. You arrange the design and apply heat to the entire thing, and the pieces fuse into place. Since I didn't use solder for this necklace, I had to get creative and attached each section of wire by wrapping it. I tried to work the wraps into the pattern to create this teadrop focal:

I'm pleased with how this turned out for my first try, though I do need some more practice. The most difficult part was keeping the wire from getting tangled; I also didn't want to crush the frame when I tightened the ends of the wraps. I like the blue, but I also think a similar piece would look nice in red or even with clear crystals. I love the teardrop shape, but think an abstract form could be interesting.

I'm still not so great at metalsmithing, but would like to take a traditional filigree class. It's such a beautiful art form and I think it would be worth the time and effort to learn how to do it.

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