Saturday, October 4, 2014

Silver wire wrapped statement bubble necklace with lapis lazuli stones, spirals and Swarovski crystals

When it comes to making jewelry, I try to make mistakes work for me whenever I can. Take these lapis lazuli stones that I'd ordered for a customer. TWICE I purchased the wrong sized stones, with the lapis rounds being too small. But rather than get annoyed, I decided to use the second set of stones for a silver wire wrapped statement necklace:

I haven't made such a complex piece of jewelry in a while. Oh, sure, I've made plenty of necklaces, but most are pendants on a chain or black silk cord. I have a couple of craft fairs coming up, though, and want to have some higher-end pieces -- especially for the event that's being held at the 92nd Street Y. If I'm going to be selling my jewelry at this fair, I'm going to be surrounded by very talented artists. I seriously need to step things up and showcase my best work.

The double-tiered wire wrapped spiral pendant was originally going to be one half of a pair of earrings... but when I tried it on, it was much too heavy on my lobe. That's when I turned it into a necklace. Bubble statement necklaces are trendy so I added a few more of the round lapis stones and did a variation on the spiral and Swarovski crystal pattern. I also have tiny lapis stones so I'll see how those work for a matching wire wrapped earring set.

Meanwhile, the correct sized stones have arrived! I can finally finish my order and ship it out... but I'm glad I "accidentally" purchased the wrong materials. I think it worked out for the best!

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