Monday, October 6, 2014

Large silver wire wrapped lapis lazuli pendant with spirals and blue square AB crystals

I've been having the hardest time finding lapis lazuli stones in the size I want! First, I bought two sets of too-small stones... and in my latest purchase, the stones were a bit larger than what I like. I guess Firemountain Gems just doesn't sell them in that old size? Oh well, the large stones are at least big enough to use for pendants and I've been having a good time playing around with them.

This weekend I made a new silver wire wrapped pendant using one of these big stones, which are about 40 mm. Because there was so much room on the stone's "canvas," I was able to include three medium-sized blue square AB crystals:

When it comes to wire wrapping stones, I almost always incorporate some sort of spiral design, but I swear, it's different every time! It's just that to me, the swirling design looks the best when working with a round base. I've tried making pendants with other shapes and straighter lines, but they just aren't as attractive, in my opinion. I find that following the shape of the stone usually works best.

I'm thinking of making another lapis lazuli necklace using one of these huge stones as a focal and then flanking it with two smaller stones, and then two more of the tiniest. I can already see the piece in my head and am liking the idea! But I'm done ordering lapis for now. I have more than enough, thanks to my shopping "mistakes."

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