Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wire wrapped lava stone necklaces with Swarovski crystals

I made four new wire wrapped lava stone necklaces with Swarovski crystals. What's interesting about these pendants is that I took the same basic template -- a medium-sized, round, black volcanic rock -- but adorned each stone in a very different and unique way.

This pendant's filigree design was made with 20 gauge copper wire and garnet red Swarovski crystals. I went for a very fancy, intricate design here and the bright colors -- red and copper -- are very rich and regal. I like the way the "upscale" design plays against the rough, raw texture of the lava stone; somehow, they just work together.

This lava stone was wire wrapped with 20 gauge silver wire and pink and clear Swarovski crystals. For this necklace, I went with a much more minimalist and modern pattern that highlights the volcanic rock. I love the silver, pink, clear and black when placed together. It's just such a classic and pretty combination of colors.

I wire wrapped this pendant with 20 gauge silver, as well, but this rainbow design is very whimsical. I wanted the rainbow Swarovski crystals to be the centerpiece so they go right through the middle of the rock and the filigree pattern.

20 gauge gunmetal was used for the wire wrap in this final necklace. I created big, bold spirals and swirls for its pattern and went for a very organic and natural design. I thought about the way that lava flows and tried to emulate the swirling of it as it cascades down the sides of a volcano. I added green and pink Swarovski crystals, which look a bit like a little flower -- again very natural, Earthy colors.

So there you have it! Four necklaces made with the same basic materials: black lava stone, 20 gauge wire and Swarovski crystal bicones. But each has a very distinct look. I enjoy working with lava stone because it acts as a great canvas for wire wrapping -- and these are just a few samples of what can be done with a volcanic rock pendant.

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