Monday, January 7, 2013

Wire wrapped lava, jade and lapis lazuli pendants

I've been on such a wire wrapping kick lately that I ended up making three more wire wrapped necklaces. For these, I used several different kinds of copper wrapped stones: one is lava, one is jade and one is lapis lazuli:

For the lava stone, I wanted to do something very different from my usual style. When making wire wrapped pendants, I tend to create swirling, spiraling designs, but in this case, I went for something modern and angular that works with the blue square crystal. Of course, I couldn't resist adding in one spiral! I think that it looks a bit as if I gift-wrapped the lava, no?

I went the opposite way with the jade and practically covered the stone with an intricate, ornate wrap that looks a little like lace. I added three small Swavorvski crystals in pink and blue-green.

The design on the blue lapis lazuli is a little like a frame as I worked the wrap along the edges of the stone. I added a couple of navy blue Swarovski crystal pearls as an accent. The design is almost symmetrical, but not quite, giving the piece a little "quirkiness."

Making wire wrapped jewelry is just so much fun, which I why I keep doing it! I'm planning to order some stones in colors I haven't yet used and am anxious to keep playing around.

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