Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beautiful silver wire wrapped bangle bracelets

Whew, this holiday season has been crazy for my jewelry stores -- but that's a good thing! I've been going to the post office almost every day with orders; by now, the clerks even know me by name.

Now that Christmas is almost here, things have been calming down, but the recent surge in business has put me in a jewelry making mood. For the past couple of days, I've been working on some new silver wire wrapped bangle bracelets:

The top bracelet is made with a rose pink marble oval. I like the rich color and the way that it goes so perfectly with the silver. I wanted to make the stone the centerpiece of the bracelet so I "framed" it with silver wire spirals. For this bracelet, I first made the bangle portion and then attached the stone; after, I cut the other end so that I could make the clasps. I think that next time, I'll make two separate sides and then attach the stone; I just think that each end of the bracelet will be a little stronger.

The red and white spiral "bubble" bracelet was a lot of fun to make! After designing the silver wire wrapped bangle, I made all of the little spirals and then attached them in a funky design. I just got that red wire and love how it looks. I think I was inspired to use red and white since it's still the holiday season, but it works for Valentine's Day, too. I plan to make more of these with other colors.

I'm working on more stuff for my 2013 collection, so keep checking in!

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