Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Selling Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewelry: A Bonus Of My Business

Business has been booming for Naomi's Designs and MayaGirl Creations this holiday season! Obviously, I'm very, very thankful for this and am so happy that people like my work. But there's an added bonus to selling all of this jewelry: I'm getting into shape!

No, I'm not getting a workout from making the jewelry -- though let me tell you, you can work up quite a sweat when you're trying to bend a particularly tough piece of wire. But I am using my jewelry deliveries as an excuse to get out and walk.

I began to track my walks back in September and have been adding more miles as time has gone on. Meanwhile, I usually make at least two trips to the post office each week so I can ship my orders. Rather than simply walking to the post office, which is about a half mile away, I've been taking long, winding routes to get there. Today I completed a four mile walk before I actually made it to the post office!

I'm not yet ready to run any marathons, but all of this walking is beginning to pay off: since September, I've walked over 100 miles; even better, my weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar are all lower. Woo hoo! And this improvement in my health is at least partially connected to my jewelry business.

Realistically, the business boom is going to soon come to an end. The holidays are almost here and I anticipate a lull in the next few weeks. Still, I'm going to continue to make new jewelry -- and to continue with these walks -- even if I don't have a date with the post office.

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