Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Silver wire wrapped necklace with blue enamel pendant

It took many hours of labor and a lot of patience, but I finally finished my mom's birthday gift! I made her a silver wire wrapped necklace with blue Swarovski crystals and a handmade blue and aqua cloisonne and enamel pendant:

I enjoyed combining my enamel and wire wrapping jewelry skills, but as I said, it took a lot of time to make. I had some ideas for more complex chains, but didn't have enough silver wire -- and also, my mom probably wouldn't be comfortable wearing something that's too clunky. I just hope that she likes this piece. I chose the shades of blue because like me, she owns a lot of blue clothing, and I figured that she'd be able to match it with an outfit. I also really like the way that blue looks in enamel form. Some other colors, like purples, don't turn out as well, but shades of blue are always very striking.

I'm giving this to my mom this week, so I'll finally get to see what she thinks of my work!

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