Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success!

Right now, it's raining and snowing in New York City, and it's freezing, so I'm playing hooky from my enameling class. Much as I love the class, I don't enjoy commuting in crappy weather, so I'm staying in for today.

I've been busy with my jewelry, anyway, as November has turned out to be a surprisingly busy month. During the first half of the month, it was extremely quiet. I wasn't making sales on either of my jewellery sites and that craft fair I did was kind of a bust. Fortunately, my book sales were picking up so I didn't feel entirely defeated. But a couple of people in my jewelry class then explained that there is usually a lull in sales in early November because people are waiting until the Christmas season kicks off to actually buy stuff. They assured me that sales would increase around Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- and so far, they've been right!

As I've said before, I seem to sell items in groups and this month's trend is my infinity birthstone ring. I've already sold several this month; I'm guessing that they will be Christmas or Hannukah gifts.

What's really cool is that my kids' shop is also getting a lot of sales! Honestly, I haven't promoted it as much as I've promoted my adult store, but a few customers have bought in bulk. Seeing that this is happening, I probably should spend more time on it...

The holiday season is just starting so I hope that this momentum keeps up! Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy making jewelry in the comfort of my nice, warm home today.

To purchase my handmade wire wrapped jewellery, head to Naomi's Designs. To purchase my children's jewelry, head to MayaGirl Creations. To purchase my novel, check out REVENGE OF A BAND GEEK GONE BAD.

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  1. your children's jewelry is so sweet! Be sure to market to grandparents!!!!