Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wire wrapped bracelet daisy flowers in blue, turquoise and aqua

Yuck, it's so hot out today in New York City! It's supposed to reach a sizzling 98 degrees so I'm hiding out inside where we can crank up the A/C. I'm also trying to think of cooling thoughts ... like snow-covered mountains and the North Pole.

A great way to "think cool," too is to envision cool colors, like blues and greens. So here is one of my recent designs, this wire wrapped daisy flower bracelet in blue, turquoise and aqua:

Once upon a time, purple was my favorite color, but as an adult it's all shades of blue. I think it's because blue reminds me of the ocean and I love the water. That probably has something to do with my birth sign being Aquarius.

From a distance, this wire wrapped pattern looks almost as if it were knit, but that's all wire. It still amazes me sometimes that I can take a strand of wire and turn it into a complex object, like a daisy. I like making as many parts of my pieces as I can from scratch and working with wire allows me to do just that.

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