Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Fair Etiquette

This past weekend, I sold my goods at the Farmingdale Street Fair. There was a large crowd, but it was hot as hell and we stupidly didn't bring a tent. Still, I made a few sales and many complimented my work. That's always nice to hear, even if those people didn't buy anything.

Unfortunately, I encountered many rude and annoying people during this particular fair. There was the one woman who broke a bracelet after trying to put it on without unclasping it first. Don't do that! Ask the vendor for help if you're not sure how to wear a piece. I should've charged her, but decided ton not make a scene. Luckily, I had my tools on hand so I could fix it.

Another woman tried on a necklace that had an obvious pendant, then placed it back on the display upside-down. Again, ask for help or take the time to think. It's jewelry, not rocket science.

I'm sorry if I sound so crabby because I really do appreciate every sale I make. But you have to understand that it takes hours for me to construct these pieces. I don't just assemble ready-made parts; I try to make everything from the chain to the jumprings to the clasp.

Next time you attend a craft fair, be mindful of the vendor and think about how much work went into their merchandise. Please make sure that you treat them -- and their goods -- with respect.

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  1. i hear you :) i love doing craft fairs, but it can be challenging dealing with the public sometimes. most people are respectful and complimentary, but there's always at least one being rude and/or annoying.....