Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Colorful silver wire wrapped party earrings with Swarovski crystals

The first pair of earrings I ever sold at a craft fair were these silver wire wrapped earrings with rainbow colored Swarovski crystals. I call them my "Party Earrings" because the crystals look like confetti. I love making these because I don't have a set pattern for the crystals; I simply take out a handful and sting them on the wire. I never know what combination I'll get, which means every pair is slightly different.

I haven't sold many pairs online, but I've since managed to sell a pair at every craft fair. Perhaps they don't look as interesting on Etsy, but in person, they're very colorful and fun. Many customers have said that they were drawn to them because they're different from other jewelry they've seen around.

I recently updated my collection with these variations on my "Party" line; I made the earrings using crystals in shades of purple, blue and red:

They're not as colorful as my original pair, but they're still fun and will hopefully attract people who prefer muted tones over multicolored. My personal choice is the blue. Blue is my favorite color, anyway, and I love the way the aqua and dark blue stones look when they're together.

My next craft fair is in a few weeks and I'll be selling these along with my original Party Earrings. Here's hoping my lucky streak continues -- and people like these new pairs, as well!

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