Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Gallery: My Top 40 Wire Wrapped And Enamel Jewelry Pieces, Part I

This Monday, February 3, is my birthday -- and I will be turning the Big 4-0. Yikes. Honestly, I'm not too upset with getting (a little ) older. I'm happy with where I am in my life and am planning to ring in this new age decade with friends and fun! One of the best things to happen to me throughout my 30s was discovering my love for jewelry making. So in honor of my 40th birthday, here is a photo gallery of my personal Top 40 handmade wire wrapped and enamel jewelry pieces! All are available at Naomi's Designs and MayaGirl Creations.

I'm posting these 10 at a time so it will be easier to scroll through the photos. Let me tell you, it was tough to choose only 40 pieces because I've made hundreds at this point -- and they all have value to me. But these stood out for a variety of reasons: The enamel square is one of my favorites because I love the simplicity of it and the bright colors. I was still fairly new to enamel making when I designed this and I was thrilled that I'd managed to get the cloisonne wire to stay put on the first try. The other enamel piece with the multicolored design was a happy accident; I was playing around with colors toward the end of a class and ended up making that funky pattern. Be sure to check out Part II!

The silver wire wrapped infinity birthstone rings are important to me for another reason; truthfully, I like 'em because they've made me money. The infinity rings remain my most popular item -- and I've received some nice notes from customers who've given them to loved ones as gifts.

The gold spiral necklace is cool because I love that particular shape. It looks very organic and natural; again, I like the simplicity. As for the gold earrings, I've worn them and have gotten compliments. The orange bracelet stands out to me because I love the colors. The orange reminds me of fall, my favorite season. It was hard to choose which lava stone necklaces to include, but these designs jumped out at me.

So here are the first 10 of my series. Enjoy -- and thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!

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