Saturday, August 17, 2013

Silver wire wrapped Mommy and Grandma bracelets

A few weeks ago my friend had her first child, a baby boy. I'd already given her a gift for the baby shower, but wanted to bring something for the baby's bris. I figured that she'd already received tons of baby clothes and supplies, so I figured I'd make something just for the mom. Too often, new moms are kind of overlooked as attention is lavished on the baby -- and I wanted to remind her that she's important, too.

I ended up making this silver wire wrapped bracelet that spells out "Mommy." I then made a matching one for her mother that says "Grandma." Both celebrate the fact that there is a new baby in the family, but they're gifts meant for the adults. I added a blue Swarovski crystal heart in honor of the baby being a boy.

To be honest, I'm not sure if my friend and her mom liked my gifts. They thanked me when I handed them over, but didn't really look at what I'd given them. Understandably, both were so distracted at the time and my friend was still very sore from her C-section. I hope that at life begins to calm down (somewhat) that they'll appreciate my gift, as well as their new roles in life.

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