Friday, August 16, 2013

An Interesting Invitation; Upcoming Craft Fair

My jewelry businesses have been rather quiet this summer, but happily, things are picking up. I've been getting a lot more orders -- after a looong lull -- and have gotten several invitations to craft fairs.

One is a repeat of a fair that I did last year, which I really enjoyed; it was held at a temple in Patchogue. I'll be participating in that one again at the end of October. The second was for a large craft fair company. It sounds promising, but the fee is pricey and I've vowed not to participate in fairs that charge more than $100 for registration. The third sounds really interesting: it's for a tiny, local fair that's being held right down the block from me.

The fair organizers actually contacted me on Etsy and are looking for artists from Queens. They only need 20 vendors, though, and because of that, the event is juried. I've never done a juried event before; I usually just sign up and I'm in. But it seems as if they're going to be very selective. They asked for three photos, so this is what I chose:

The first piece is my wire wrapped bib necklace that was a finalist in the 2012 Firemountain Gems And Beads contest. The second is an intricate enamel piece made with silver foil and silver cloisonne wire. The third are fun earrings that have attracted a lot of attention. I figured I'd show the different techniques that I know -- wire work, enameling, metalwork -- and the diversity in my pieces. I hope they like my jewelry and invite me to be in this event. What's more is that it's going to be on September 22, which would've been my late grandmother's 97th birthday. She died last September, right after her 96th birthday, and was an artist herself so she always supported my jewelry making.

I'll keep you posted on this fair. Meantime, check out my jewellery at Naomi's Designs and MayaGirl Creations.

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