Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mixed Metal Brass, Silver And Copper Mesh Bracelet

Sorry for the long break between posts, but I've been busy getting ready for my next craft show, which is on May 1. This weekend, I made seven new items: two bracelets, two pairs of earrings and three necklaces. I'm trying to add some more variety to my inventory so that I can appeal to more tastes. Hopefully, I'll have more success at this show than I did at the last one.

Many of the items I made this weeked contained mixed metals. I absolutely love the way that different metals look together -- silver and gold, brass and bronze, copper and silver ... there's just something elegant about metals and when you combine them, they really go well together.

For the bracelet pictured on this page, I went with a mesh design and attached each link so the lattice looks like a continuous piece. I alternated the brass, silver and gunmental (copper) links to create the pattern and what I love about it is that even though I only used three colors, it comes off looking like more. Also, in some lights the colors appear to change; when paired with the brass and silver, for example, the gunmetal almost looks red.

The really great thing about mixed metals is that they go well with everything. You can wear this bracelet with an evening gown or with jeans and a T-shirt -- and it'll look beautiful in both cases.

I'd eventually love to learn some soldering skills so that I can combine metals in other ways. But for now, I'm having a good time experimenting with different types of metal wire.

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