Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Enamel Clouds In Sky Pendants

Though many of my designs are pretty complicated, I sometimes like to make simpler pieces. These can be just as pretty and eye-catching, especially when I use a nice, bright color. In my last enameling class, I made this pair of blue and white "clouds in sky" pendants:

For both, I simply used Aqua and Foundation White enamels, but I first put down a layer of silver foil on the heart. This is why the blue is a bit richer and has a sparkly finish. To be honest, I'm not sure I like the shiny background; it reminds me a bit of when I used to get shiny, sparkly heart stickers as a kid (hey, this was the '80s!). I like the square piece, though, which looks a lot more realistic. When I look at this one, I can actually imagine that I'm staring into a blue sky filled with soft, floating clouds.

In keeping with the simplicity theme, I finished off these necklaces by attaching them to black silk cords. I didn't want to add beads or crystals, or even a chain -- I just wanted the "sky" to stand out. It's been freezing cold in my area, but these pendants make me think about -- and long for! -- Spring.

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