Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wire wrapped jewellery designs: silver wire wrapped football bracelets!

A few weeks ago, I received a custom order from a woman who asked me to make a wire wrapped bracelet featuring garnet red and black beads, the colors of the University Of South Carolina's football team, the Gamecocks. I used bronze wire for the bangle and really liked how the gold color worked against the red and black crystals.

Well, the same customer has now asked me to design a similar bracelet using silver wire -- and has also asked me to make a bangle with purple and orange beads, the colors for Clemson University's football team, the Clemson Tigers.

Honestly, I don't watch or like American football. In fact, I barely watch sports at all. If I do, it's usually ice skating or gymnastics, and occasionally swimming or track and field if the Olympics are on.

That said, the idea of making sports bracelets never occurred to me. According to my football-loving friends, though, team-themed jewelry is popular and is apparently a big market I've been missing. Now that I think about it, it makes sense; I mean, I've seen people paint their faces with their team's colors, so why not wear a bracelet with the appropriate hues?

I'll have to see how these sell, but I'm wondering if I should try my hand at making other wire wrapped sports bracelets. I suppose I could design them in honor of basketball teams, hockey, baseball, maybe even soccer (which seems to be getting more popular in the USA). Many teams color combinations are pretty interesting, such as Clemson's purple and orange, so it could be fun to play around with different crystals and beads.

Though I'm not a sports fan, I do respect anyone who has a great passion -- and if it's for a particular team, why not show your love? I hope this customer's friends enjoy their bracelets and that their teams do well this season!

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